What to Expect


Joining us for surf camp? Excellent! If this is your first time connecting with us, know that you're in good company; each year, we welcome thousands to Surfers Healing events across the country.

Since we've been hosting gatherings since 1996, we've learned a few lessons along the way. We offer the list below as a guide, with the hope of make your time with us as relaxed and enjoyable and as possible!

Surfers Healing offers a non-judgmental experience for you and your loved ones; we provide a safe environment for parents, siblings, and individuals alike. It's our pleasure to give your family the opportunity to enjoy a day at the beach, just like any other family.


A few important day-of-camp reminders:

Arrive early; this allows for margin time to settle in on the beach and check in for camp.

Seriously, arrive early. (We know it's hard to get loved ones out the door on time, so you have our permission to tell your family members that camp starts a half-hour early if that helps.) Likewise, arriving early will give you time to find parking; it takes time to find a spot and unpack. In other words, budget more time than you think you'll need.

Upon check in, all participants receive a wristband with their surf group number on it. This wristband functions as the participant's ticket to surf, so it needs to stay on their arm. At check in, we also confirm participants' surf times and welcome them to camp.

Hungry or thirsty? Forgot water and snacks? No problem – coolers of food and drink are positioned near check-in for your convenience.

Before a participant's surf group number comes up, they don life vests (and wetsuits if needed). This is also good time to let volunteers know about your child's special interests. From trains to Star Wars to Disney films, volunteers can use your hints to build rapport.

Once safety gear is in place, volunteers escort participants to their instructors at the water's edge. Instructors then teach proper positioning, ensuring that each participant knows what to do on the board. Individuals who are comfortable in the ocean receive one-on-one surfing lessons from an instructor.

While we understand that it can be difficult to let go, we ask moms, dads, and guardians to remain on the beach while we surf. We'll certainly ask for help if necessary, but in general, we've found that our participants respond more readily to camp instructors without a parent present.

No matter how great they may look, each participant's life jackets and wetsuits need to be returned at the end of their instruction period so that others can use them. 

Though we do our best, we cannot always accommodate requests for specific instructors. (Fear not – they're all fantastic.)

We look forward to riding the waves with you!