This blog post is by Lori George from Toronto, ON Canada. We look forward to seeing her son Logan and the rest of her family at our Virginia Beach camp.

To attend a Surfers Healing event is like entering a secret world, it's like being accepted in to a magical club, where everyone is AWESOME. I think it starts with Izzy and just flows through the surf team, to the volunteers, to everyone involved.

We've been lucky and blessed to have attended 4 events to date, the first was pure magic. My son is 15, non-verbal and his days are filled with challenges. He loves the water and has the look of a surfer dude, so we just went with it and treated him like he was. When I learned the Surfers Healing crew were coming to Canada a few years ago, we were "stoked". The day was everything we had hoped and more. My son was given his surf lesson from the magnetic, engaging Izzy Paskowitz and that was it....we were in. Unfortunately there are no events in our area any more, but we drove 14 hours to attend an event this past summer, I'd fly to Hawaii if that's where we had to go.

To attend a Surfers Healing event is like entering in to a secret world, where all are equal, all are accepted and magic happens. This team of surf dudes have more insight, understanding and compassion than any professional we've dealt with in this journey through autism. These kids are given the opportunity to be safe, to be accepted and to participate in an extreme sport! ...and they do! For one day they are elevated to a place that allows them to ...just be a kid, a kid that challenges themselves and feels the adrenalin rush and the glory of riding a wave on a board.

You reluctantly leave at the end of the day, sad that it has to end, but the experience stays with you. You come away with a renewed faith in humanity, in yourself and most your child.

My son carried his medal around for weeks this summer, he couldn't verbalize what he was feeling, but I knew he was feeling RAD.


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