The day had arrived that Jeff and I were to Drive the Surfers Healing van across country, from California to Maryland, to link up with a group of amazing surfers . After a morning surf and a nice lunch, a nap would be the next logical choice, but no we head off on a 20 hour non-stop drive to Jeff’s house in Fort Worth, TX. Agreement was made that we would let each other know if there was any hint of tiredness, with a nod of the head and Trust established off we headed with Jeff taking the first shift while I sat back and absorbed the beauty of the desert environment, but in the back of my mind fearful of letting the team down as I have never enjoyed night driving and the thought of no sleep was unsettling. Jeff had planned to fill the gas tank (which Izzy left close to empty before we left) at a particular town as there was not a lot of choices along the desert route. When we came to the gas station, we soon realized that it was boarded up and closed down. The next station was Gila Bend which was 38 miles away and the tank in the van indicated that we had 20 miles left, but with faith in our hearts and holding hands off we went waiting for the impending moment when the engine would stop. We joked about Seinfeld episodes that were in the same situation as us and still held on to the faith that somehow we would make it , but that faith was soon shattered by the engine suddenly dying and drifting slowly to the shoulder of the freeway…..111 degrees outside and soon to be the same inside. AAA is called and within 40 minutes we were on our way to the GAS station with the affirmation that this would not happen again. The next 15 hours were a blur of night driving - I remember my drives that I was hanging in by the skin of my teeth, fighting tiredness like it was the worst enemy around. After 3 hours I was done and Jeff took over and with me believing that Americans were tougher than anyone my faith in him was rock solid!!! Well we made it and were so happy to finally be at Jeff’s house, but I noticed a couple of marks on each of his cheeks and thought maybe it was heat rash or something, but on further questioning by Marta (Jeff’s wife), Jeff revealed he had been pinching himself to stay awake!!!! No more faith, but now our next adventure would be gravy as our day drives will only be 12 hours..............Onward